Magnetic Lever for Valve Box Cover

No more bending over every time a valve box cover needs to be opened! We have the perfect tool: A magnetic lever!

  • 1- Place the lever on the cover
  • 2- Put your foot on the metal lever pedal
  • 3- Turn the handle 180 degrees
  • 4- Lift the cover
  • 5- To put the cover back, turn the handle back 180 degrees to release the magnetic field


New on the market, the B-MAGNET 165 is a tool used to collect metal debris in fire hydrants or valve boxes. With a powerful #165 magnet at the end of a 6, 8, or 10-foot aluminum rod (or of the length of your choice), it is easy to use: a simple half-turn rotation magnetizes the head (no power or batteries required).

B-Magnet 165 - size: 1-½" x 2"; lifting capacity: 18 lbs; pull-out force: 150 lbs

Magnetic sewer manhole cover lever

  • Max. pull-out force: 2733 lbs/1242 kg
  • Max. load capacity: 911 lbs/414 kg
  • Full thickness magnetic saturation: 3/4"/12.7 mm
  • Min. material thickness: 3/4"/12.7 mm
  • Net weight: 36.5 lbs/16.6 kg
  • Mounting threads: M8x1.25
  • Total height: 10.4"/264.52 mm
  • Magnetic pole size: 10"x3.8"/255.0 x 97.6 mm

Curb and Valve Box Cleaner

  • Long life brass parts - never rusts
  • Spare parts available
  • Interchangeable blade kits (optional)
  • 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12-foot lengths

Gator-Grip Gate Key

  • 3" ID fits all valves with a standard 2" x 2" standard nut
  • Strong hardened steel providing long life use
  • The patented design automatically fits worn/damaged nuts
  • Simple and fast operation, saves time, money, and equipment
  • A sure grip protects the operator from injury

Clamp for Valve Box Cover

  • Made with 3/8 x 1" stock
  • Supplied with handles
  • Used to remove covers without having to kneel down.
  • Weight: 6 lbs.

Debris Grabber

The debris grabbers are of different lengths and serve to remove debris inside valve boxes or fire hydrants. The grabber is made of brass, and the handle of galvanized steel. A lightweight tool.

Copper Tube Circular Shaping Tool

This tool for 3/4" or 1" tubing is particularly useful for handling wet pipes to keep a good grip for unwinding coils or restoring the circular shape of a tube. It will save time and money by helping you easily uncoil K-type copper tubing rolls or reshaping oval or slightly kinked tubing. The R08228 offers the same benefits as the R08226 and R08227 models, and it also has a set of jaws to handle 3/4" and 1" tubing.

Water Flow Buffer

The flow buffer allows the flow of water used to rinse the fire hydrant to be controlled. It absorbs the energy of the stream without lowering the volume. The water stream hits the deflecting plate and flows out at a reduced speed.

Classic Steel Hose Monster

The 2.5" NST Monster hose is available with Pitot for flow testing or without Pitot for rinsing only.

A rotating Pitot insert can be placed upstream when debris is expected to help protect the Pitot from damage.

Akron - PVC T Splitter

  • Allows the sidewalk to be drained
  • Available in 2-1/2" NST or 4-1/2" NST sizes’
  • The AKST-25 model has 2-1/2" (threaded) female pivoting ends x 4" for the input. 21-1/2" long and 24" wide. Weighs 7 lbs.

Multi-Gas Detector

  • Guaranteed minimum operation time of 12 hours – down to a temperature of -20°C (-4°F) – without compromising the LEL detection for hydrogen, acetylene, and other flammable gases.
  • IntelliFlashTM indicator light: bump tested and tested to ensure the device detects correctly
  • Durable, rechargeable lithium polymer battery — tested to last in extreme environments
  • Ergonomic and easy to carry — doesn’t weigh you down
  • Real-time gas concentrations shown on LCD
  • Bright, wide-angle visual alarm bars
  • IP68 rating ensures maximum protection against dust and water
  • User-friendly, tamper-proof operation with just one button and intuitive LCD icons
  • Compatible with MicroDock II docking station for automated bump tests and calibration

CST MagnaTrak Locators

The Magna-Trak 102 magnetic locator has the same performance characteristics as the Magna-Trak 100. However, it includes a new “Erase” button for better flexibility and performance. When a magnetic interfering object like a metal fence is encountered, simply press the “Erase” button and this detection will be skipped to continue searching. No need to lower the sensitivity of the detector. The Magna-Trak 102 always manages to recover its magnetic balance after the erase button has been pressed.

GasAlertQuattro (HX900) Multi-Gas Detector

  • Sturdy construction to guarantee reliable operation under extreme work and weather conditions
  • Multiple features controlled with a single button
  • Detects up to four hazards, including H2S, CO, O2, and flammable gases
  • Interchangeable power options with extended battery life to minimize fleet costs
  • LCD screen with easily identifiable icons providing operational details such as bump test and calibration status to simplify on-site inspections
  • IntelliFlash function: the green LED indicator flashes continuously to provide visual confirmation of detector operation and compliance
  • Compatible avec le système d'évaluation automatique MicroDock II.
  • Useful in a wide variety of industrial applications

GA-92XT Digital Locator

  • Seven-year warranty
  • Digital readout and expanding bar graph displays signal strength and polarity
  • Continuous gain control, with range indicated by a 4-segment LCD at each quarter turn
  • Piezoelectric speaker
  • The unit is shipped with two 9-volt lithium batteries lasting twice as long as alkaline batteries
  • Lightweight, easy-to-use design reduces search time
  • Modular construction, high performance components
  • Patented HeliFlux® sensors
  • No response to aluminum, brass or copper

The GA-92XTd comes with a customized case to resist harsh on-site use, and a carrying case.

Bf-Tech Inc. Stake

Our high-quality stake has a stainless steel, 2.5" (50.8 mm) support and a moderately flexible 48" (1219.2 mm) yellow poly-plastic indicator with UV protection. This product is made in Quebec, Canada.

The indicator is fitted with a square label with the identification code of the fire hydrant, which is reflective for easier location in low-light areas or at night.

Flexstake Fire Hydrant Indicators

The Flexstake fire hydrant indicators are the most durable for our Nordic climate.

They can be bent in every direction without being damaged.

H10323 Pentagon Key

This hand key is used for pentagon head screws on service boxes.

One side is a pick and the other is a hammer head. Made of high tensile cast iron for extra strength.

Small pocket size.

Universal Valve Lever

The lever holds the valve straight during installation. Single size for up to 12" valves.

Blade Valves

2-1/2" blade valves. Many types available: aluminum or brass. We also have the components for any installation (45° or 90° elbow, Y fittings, etc.).

3/4" or 1" Electric Pump

A light, portable, self-starting pump for fire hydrants and/or valve boxes. The pump inlet and outlet are 3/8" FNPT double threaded and standard 3/4" garden hose size. Sucks down to 1/8" depth of water and has a filter included in standard kits.

Gas Engine-Driven Pump for Fire Hydrant

The WX10K1C model is a lightweight water transfer pump, ideal for draining fire hydrants.

It is driven by a mini 4-stroke Honda GX25 engine with overhead valve and 1" (25.4 mm) inlet and outlet ports, and the outlet is threaded for a standard garden hose fitting.

The pump comes with a suction hose.

Fire Hydrant Thawing Machine

The steam Thawer LP is a popular and efficient tool for thawing frozen fire hydrants and service lines. It uses LPG fuel to heat the water in the 3-gallon steam generator.

It comes with a 30-psi gauge, a safety valve, a steel nozzle and a 6-foot hose for easy use.

The Thawer LP also thaws frozen pipes, meters, and valves, and cleans frozen dirt and mud on tools and equipment without any damage.

MAGIKIST Steam Thawing Machine

Comprising :

  • A 5/16" hose – 100' roll
  • A 5/16" hose – 200' roll (optional)
  • A 1/4" hose – 200' roll (optional)
  • A bronze nozzle kit
  • A special O-ring adaptor


Quick freezing: 1/2" copper pipe in less than 2 minutes
Economical: Average 6-7 operations per cartridge on 1/2" copper tubing
Simple: No tools required to install and freeze a pipe
Compact: The lightest and most compact system for pipe freezing

This freezing kit will quickly make a double ice packing in conduits with still water, eliminating the need to empty the system for repairs or meter and valve replacement.

The kit comprises: Blankets for double freezing, quick connect cartridges, and a carrying case.

Silencing Tape

This multiple use sealing tape is a pre-formed stretching tape. It is made of a sturdy foam infused with a sealing and water-repellent liquid adhesive. The MST sealing tape is then compressed to different levels according to the application. This creates a hybrid sealer with the advantages of foam combined with those of liquid sealers, without their respective weaknesses. When applied, the MST tape is evenly compressed without exceeding its width, providing a long-lasting wrap.


MST tape will not stick to dirty or dusty components or oily/greasy surfaces. The tape will expand to fill irregular surfaces with reasonable cavities. To seal sharp edges, it may be necessary to apply several layers.


Bare Durafoam - The hardest polyurethane used to scrape and clean residues in newly installed pipelines. For pipes from 2" to 40".

All Polypigs orders CANNOT be cancelled and are NOT refundable, in any case whatsoever.

ALL Polypigs are custom ordered according to your specifications to guarantee that your Polypigs are CORRECTLY ordered and shipped.


This instrument is used to look inside fire hydrants during routine inspections. It is made of aluminum and has a very bright Leeds light. You’re guaranteed to love this tool. The light is powered by a 9-volt battery.

We offer many other fire hydrant inspection products and tools (handling key, valve key, gate valves, deflector, etc.)

Fire Hydrant Extension

The fire hydrant elevation kit is composed of several parts: a ductile iron drum, cast iron fixed and floating flanges, a galvanized retaining ring, a steel extension rod, a cast iron 2-part coupling, 2 flange seals, 2 sets of galvanized bolts and nuts for the coupling, and 8 sets of galvanized bolts and nuts for the top flange. The hardware can be ordered in stainless steel on request only.

The "Beveller" - PVC, C-900, SDR 35 Beveller

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Adjustable bevel for different pipe wall thicknesses
  • Can be installed or removed without disturbing the blade
  • Single-person operation
  • The bevelling can be done in or out of the ditch

Economical solution for bevelling plastic pipes (PVC, C-900, and 35 DTS). Models available to fit on square cut gas saws (quick-connect or 5/8-11 threads). Please specify the exact chuck size with your order.

Feed Trap - Drilling Machine

The Reed RSS TapTM drilling machine is an excellent waterworks tool that can drill through PVC, PE, ductile iron, cast iron and steel pipes when under pressure by using a stopping insert in the service outlet. Its compact design with a separate, independent power feed control to drive the drill into the pipe allows the user to finish the piercing with a hand power drill or even manually with a 7/16" key. A forced, uncontrolled cut can break the pipe. The RSS Tap FTB comprises the basic unit allowing the user to purchase individual hole cutters and brand adaptors separately as needed. A complete kit is sold under the part #FT2000UNIV.

LD-7 FUJI Leak Detector

The Fuji DL-7 water leak detector is the smallest and lightest of its kind, but it has a very high sensitivity ground sensor. With the listening rod attached to the ground sensor, hearing the leakage sounds travelling to the counters, valves and faucets is easy.

Whether your need is for leakage surveys or locating leaks in your installation, the DL-7 offers excellent performance for a very reasonable price.

Fire Hydrant Lifting Chain

Fire hydrant lifting chain certified with lifting capacity tag. Fits on 2-1/2” fire hydrant water outlets, with spacing bars that keep the hydrant centred and vertical for an easy installation.

Qwik Freezer

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Tiger Tooth Blade premium

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Double socket wrench

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Adjustable key

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Debris caps

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Pipe scraper

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Lever manhole cover

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Lifting magnet

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Metal guard

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Hook manhole cover

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Thawing Machine multi-pro

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Pump Tsurumi

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Reed copper shut off

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Pipe freezer

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Gage for pressure test

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Pro hydrant flow

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Setter bar 18 '' valve housing

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